Acne Cure? Is there really a cure for Acne?

Can one really have their acne cured?

My definition of acne cure means that acne will never ever come back, not even one or two acne / pimples occasionally. It’s hard to achieve, especially for women since most of us get that one to two pimples when our period come.

After suffering from acne for 14 years and having it under control now, I am pretty certain that there’s no true cure for acne for many of us. If we are unlucky and have the genes that make us prone to acne, we just have to accept that we have acne prone skin. Be extra careful with the makeup we use, the food we ingest, the skin care products we use and our lifestyle. Identify what may trigger our acne and avoid them. Throughout my many years of testing different ingredients during formulating, I’ve discovered many ingredients making my skin oily. Hence, if you have acne prone skin and have not tried Skinlycious, you might just find your acne cure with us. 

For some, especially men, after acne have ran their course, their acne never recur. I have had a few guy friends who had bad cystic acne in their teenage years and even though they did try to find a solution for their acne, such as seeking consultation with doctors, etc, it didn’t work. Their acne just cleared up on its own after they have matured. Their acne cleared after it ran its course. Unfortunately, it did leave some pitted scars on their face.

In most studies done on pharmaceutical creams / drugs, the endpoint the pharmaceutical companies measured were not based on ‘curing acne’ but more of reducing acne counts and seeing improvements. The aim of acne treatment is to clear acne and to prevent acne scar formation.

So, for people prone to acne, it’s very highly that we might have a relapse of acne, even after we have cleared it. The question you got to ask yourself is if that is acceptable for you.

Remember that beauty lies beyond your skin condition.
Confidence exudes beauty too!

I came across this newspaper clipping about acne recurrence and thought there were some interesting facts to share.

According to Dr Loke from Singapore,

  • Women are more prone to acne than men.
  • Women get a recurrence of acne in almost every decade of their lives.
  • Each recurrence last about 2-3 years in each decade, possibly because of hormonal changes.

Well, it’s sad and daunting to know that acne has a high chance of relapse and come to plague us(ladies) every decade for 2-3 years (gasp!) However, do know that you are not alone. Acne recurrence is common.

I think the hormonal part is a real big reason. We, ladies, go through hormonal changes with every menstruation cycle. When we get pregnant, our body goes through hormonal changes as well. For hormonal acne, there’s oral contraceptive pills or another medication called spironolactone that could possibly be prescribed by the dr. However, personally, I would avoid any oral medications if possible. Furthermore, chances of relapse of acne would possibly be high once we stop these pills. It’s not going to be a long-term solution.

Fortunately for me, after I had my horrible acne cleared, when it’s the time of the month, I will just have at most one or two small pimples which will quickly clear up with Skinlycious Anti-Acne Solution (now known as Glow Exfoliant). Even though my acne has cleared, I still continue to use Skinlycious Anti-Acne Wash (now known as Calming Cleanser) everyday as it helps to prevent outbreaks. Having one or two days with one or two spots is bearable. To me, that’s the closest I can ever get to getting rid of my acne forever. I am happy with the current condition of my skin.

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