Can I have laser appointments while using your products?

Lasers can leave skin thin and sensitive.
We recommend to stop using Clarifying Serum and Glow Exfoliant as these two increase skin cell turnover. Preferably 5-7 days before and after laser appointment.

The safest is to ask your doctor as they will know best.

For cleanser, we would recommend switching to Soothing Cleansing Gel right after laser because calming cleanser has lactic acid. Although lactic acid is naturally found in our skin, I think it’s safer to avoid it for the meantime. Soothing cleansing gel has turmeric and French pine bark to soothe irritated skin. Our Hydrating serum is still fine to use.

After a week you can continue the spot correctors and we highly advise to go easy and observe for any reactions.

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