Can you over-exfoliate?

It is possible to over-exfoliate and that will lead to thinner skin, which in turn will result in pigmentation issues.
That is also the reason why we advocate exfoliating full face only in the evenings as maintenance.

Here’s from Jasmine’s Personal Experience:
For spot treatment, use twice a day on the acne/bumps. Some brands advocate exfoliating twice a day daily and Jasmine honestly think that’s too much.

Procedures like laser and chemical peels done by doctors/facial salons, are forms of exfoliations. So, if you are going for such procedures, check with your doctors when should you stop using exfoliants and how long after can you start exfoliating again.

In the past, when Jasmine was still seeking her acne cure, she went for chemical peel sessions with a famous doctor and would say it totally ruined my skin barrier. For many years, Jasmine’s skin was so sensitive and flushed easily. It took many years for her skin barrier to build up and for the skin flushing to be gone.

Hence, Skinlycious routine is focused on being gentle, building up your natural skin barrier and addressing the root causes of acne.

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