I have questions about Clarifying Serum

I received a slightly yellowish one compared to the one I ordered before. Will it cause reactions?
It will not cause reactions on your skin. It turns yellow overtime even after manufacturing and its a natural process that we can’t control. It will decrease its efficacy a little, but we have put a high dose of Vit C. Remember to always tighten the cap.

Can I still use this serum, its now almost brown.
Vitamin C change colour overtime due to oxidation. If its brown already, then its not good to use anymore. Remember to always tighten the cap .

How to prevent yellowing?
The product has to be kept away from sun and heat too to prevent it from yellowing faster. Make sure that the cap is always tightened.

What is Stabilised Vitamin C?
We used sodium ascorbyl phosphate, which doesn’t turn yellow as fast. While the usual Vit C that turns yellow quickly is L-ascorbic acid.

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