Is Skinlycious suitable for sensitive skin?

Many of our customers, including our founder has sensitive skin, have found success with Skinlycious. We have also minimized any possible irritation by not adding fragrance and essential oils that might trigger sensitive skin.

However, everybody is sensitive to different ingredients and the only way to know is to try.
That’s why our Essential Starter Kit comes with money back guarantee. If we can’t help you, we refund.

Our products have many calming ingredients to soothe redness and is specially tailored for people with acne skin.

Our essentials starter kit contains 4 products. A calming cleanser with calamine to soothe skin, a hydrating serum that acts as an oil free moisturiser and two spot correctors (a vitamins-based and an acids-based) for you to test to see which spot corrector suits you.

We even have a Plan B for those with extreme sensitive skin. You can find more information here :

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