What are some of the normal reactions you might experience when you first use Glow Exfoliant?

a) Slight stinging/biting sensation

For some users, there might be some slight biting sensation when you first started using it. This is because of the acidity of the product. We did think of neutralising it to make it less acidic but that will make it less effective.

You can overcome the biting sensation by quickly applying hydrating serum on your skin. It helps to remove the biting sensation.

The biting sensation will reduce as your skin gets used to acids. Not to worry. It’s still working to dissolve your gunk but just without the biting sensation.

b) Peeling of skin

Our main ingredient is salicylic acid. Salicylic acid helps skin cells turn over at a faster rate, thus some people might experience peeling of the skin. Initially, it might be visible peeling but after a longer usage, you will not experience visible peeling but instead, micro-peeling occurs.

If you think that the peeling is excessive, you can cut down to once a day at night instead of using it twice a day. Then after visible peeling has stopped, you can slowly increase to twice a day on alternate days and then after which increase to every day twice a day.

c) More pimples/acne initially

There are differences between allergic breakouts and purging. You can find more info here.

Some people might experience more breakout. If you notice that existing acne flattens, likely it could be purging. This purging phase typically last about 7-21 days.

Salicylic acid is oil-soluble. It exfoliates not only on the surface of skin, but also inside the pore lining. This can result in bringing pimples, that were forming before you started using Glow Exfoliant, to the surface. The breakout you see would have shown up eventually, or simply would have remained deep in the pore, keeping it clogged and enlarged.

If you are sure it’s purging and can bear with it, please do so. If you cannot stand the purging, we suggest you switch to our other spot treatment, Clarifying Serum.

If using Glow Exfoliant or Clarifying Serum didn’t help your pimple flatten, reduce existing ones, and seem to be getting more angrier pimples. We suggest you to switch to Plan B. You can refer to the photo below or you can visit this page for more info.

What’s NOT a normal reaction?

a) Experiencing Itch
b) Red spots that are not acne

If you experience the above, you may be allergic to salicylic acid. If you are allergic to aspirin, you have a higher chance of being allergic to salicylic acid. Please switch to our other spot treatment, Clarifying Serum.

Consult a doctor if necessary if you are still experiencing abnormal reactions.

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