Why don’t you offer any toners?

Do you recommend any toners? I don’t see that you have it.

We don’t believe in toners. Toners are more like a broth of water with little or low concentrations of active ingredients. Our founder, Jasmine, does not recommend products that she doesn’t use or believe in.

If you use toners to make sure you have done your cleansing properly, we encourage you to double cleanse instead. Cleansers have surfactants, toners do not. Toners do not cleanse as well compared to cleansers. It’s probably more the wiping down with cotton pad that helps to dislodge the stubborn impurities.

Cleansers work better as a cleansing step than toners. Surfactants are cleansing agents that dislodges oil and dirt, allowing them to be washed away. But not all surfactants are created the same. Some might increase skinsensitivity while others might cause the skin to oil up. We have tested many surfactants to select those that do not make acne-prone skin oily.

If you use toners for hydration, it would be better to invest in a serum, like our hydrating serum, because good serums contains optimal concentrations of active ingredients, meaning they are more effective than toners.

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