All About Acne: Causes, Triggers & How To Beat Them.


A Cumulative Knowledge Of Science And 22+ Years Of Acne-Fighting Experience

What Is Acne?

Do you know that if your skin is bumpy to touch, you are having acne? Many people are not aware that once clogs start forming in our pores, acne has started. Acne includes whiteheads (flesh-colored bumps), blackheads, pimples with or without pus and cystic acne (big red inflamed lumps).

What Causes Acne?

Acne is multi-factorial and to solve acne at the root, you have to be self-aware of situations that might trigger your acne.

Let us guide you on how to identify and avoid your acne triggers, giving you acne-free skin forever.

Fundamentally, your acne could be due to :
1) clogged pores leading to bacterial or fungal acne.
2) damaged skin barrier/sensitive skin leading to acne.
3) allergy.

How Do I Get Rid Of My Acne Forever?

1. Know Your Cause Of Acne

The most common cause of acne is due to clogged pores. To solve this, you will need to use skincare products that :
i) dissolve the clogs within the pores and/or increase skin cell turnover.
ii) address the issue of over-production of sebum/oil. Overproduction of sebum leads to clogged pores.

If your acne appeared after having undergone laser treatments, strong chemical peels, over-exfoliation or using skincare products that are too harsh, then your acne is probably triggered by weakened skin barrier. The solution to such acne is not by using conventional acne-fighting ingredients but using products that build up your skin barrier and reduce sensitivity.

Tried a new product or facial and acne appeared overnight? Then your acne is probably due to allergy. Usually, it appears overnight and would appear on the whole area where the product has been applied. Stop using the product and try the solution we suggest for acne caused by clogged pores.

Very different approach and products are needed to get rid of acne depending on their causes.

Tried and true Solutions tailored to the above two acne causes

2. Look At Your Family History

If you know that acne runs in your family and you have acne, then you probably can guess that your acne might be hereditary. Scientists have discovered that people who are genetically prone to acne have slower skin cell turnover, meaning your skin takes longer than normal skin to renew, thus clogging up more easily. And genetically acne-prone skin has more bad strains of P.acnes bacteria than normal skin.

But that doesn’t mean that you resign your fate to living with acne! There’s hope. Use skincare products that can kill bacteria and speed up your skin cell turnover cycle, normalizing your skin. Skinlycious Glow Exfoliant does just that.

3. Identify And Avoid Your Trigger Food

Have you had mala hotpot and woke up the next day with breakouts? Then you can guess that spicy food is triggering your breakout. Observe if there’s any pattern between your breakouts and specific food. Avoid the food that you know triggers your acne. Everybody has different triggers, so it’s best you use our elimination methodology to identify your own trigger food.

Learn more about identifying acne trigger food

4. Make Changes To Your Lifestyle

Sleeping between 10-11pm as well as reducing stress helps reduce the hormone cortisol that triggers inflammation, which in turn reduces breakouts.

The area where you have acne gives you clues to possible causes of your acne too! For example, Maskne exacerbates acne on cheeks and chin areas. If you have bangs and have acne on your forehead, oil from your hair might be triggering your acne. We have listed many more acne triggers correlating to areas of the face in the link below.

Another factor to note is personal hygiene. Make sure that your face and body are always clean. Never go to bed without washing your face.

Know more about identifying Lifestyle acne triggers
Learn more about managing Maskne and hear how Vanessa overcame Maskne

5. Your Age Matters

When tweens and teens hit puberty, the change in hormones lead to their skin producing more sebum and sweat. When excess oil and sweat clog pores, acne breakouts.

As we grow older, our skin cell turnover slows down, leading to clogged pores and dull skin. This might be the reason for your acne, which is different from the teens group.

Different age groups require customized solutions to address not only acne but also other age-specific skin concerns.

Clear Skin Routines according to your age group

6. Use Skincare That Are Non-comedogenic And Gentle

A very common mistake is to incorporate skincare products with acne-fighting ingredients into your whole skincare routine.

Most acne-fighting ingredients work by either killing bacteria or speeding up skin cell renewal or both, thus it can be quite harsh if you incorporate skincare products with acne-fighting ingredients into your whole skincare routine. By doing so, not only does it not help to solve acne but it messes up your skin’s natural skin barrier and might lead to other skin problems like eczema, etc.

Use skincare products that respect your skin barrier and are non-comedogenic. That will help you clear your acne and prevent acne from recurring.

Another important point to note is to use skincare that doesn’t trigger excessive skin sebum production. Does your skin start to feel oily a few hours after applying your skincare? Then, it’s probably not suitable for you or you have not been able to give your skin the right balance of oil and water your skin needs with your skincare. How do we know? Because our founder, Jasmine, spent 8 years testing right down to the concentrations of ingredients and realised many ingredients trigger her skin to produce excessive sebum production. Just by adjusting the concentrations and testing on her skin and fellow acne fighters’ skin, we were able to come up with Skinlycious range of products that do not trigger excess sebum production.

Skincare products that respect your skin barrier, non-comedogenic and doesn’t trigger excessive sebum production

Final Thoughts

The road to acne-free skin can sometimes be tricky but with greater self-awareness and our tips, you will get there. Hang in there, avoid your acne triggers and let the process of skin healing work. Patience and consistency is key. Don’t give up! Stay positive and know that you are not alone in this journey!

P.S. If you have tried all the above and/or have serious acne, a trip to the dermatologist would be highly recommended. Sometimes, it could be other medical conditions like steroid-induced acne or rosacea.

We, at Skinlycious, live and breathe to fight acne. We are not only here to get rid of your acne, but working to have a world free of acne. This is our mission, our passion. Our founder has struggled first-hand with acne for 14 years and have spent another 8 years developing and refining our products alongside with other fellow acne fighters.

Using a blend of natural and science-proven ingredients, following the strictest GMP and safety standards, our clean beauty products have helped our founder stay acne free and have helped 2282+ fellow acne fighters get rid of their acne.

Our products work by normalizing acne-prone skin, treating it with gentle and nourishing ingredients, building up and strengthening the skin barrier.

Formulated without artificial fragrances/dyes, essential oils, chemical screens, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, formaldehydes.

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