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Do you aspire to have clear, smooth skin? Has your skin been troubling you? You are not alone. Our founder, Jasmine, struggled with problematic skin, especially acne, for 14 years! She found her cure and achieved clear, healthy glowing skin with Skinlycious. Just like the many users of Skinlycious, you can achieve balanced, non-bumpy, acne-free skin too!

3 Reasons

To Use Our Mini Kits

There are many cosmetic active ingredients available for clearing acne. Jasmine has tried so many and from her experience, she believes that she has the best two combinations. That’s why we offer two very different spot treatments to cater to different groups of acne skin.

We believe balance is the key to having clear healthy skin. Our kit’s 3 products work synergistically to address the root causes of acne without drying out the skin. Balance is key. 

We know the pain: emotionally, mentally and on the pocket too! Thus, we will refund you the mini kit if we cannot help you.


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Which Mini Kit Should I Try?

Unsure of which product to choose?

Or try both spot correctors in our Dual Kit.

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For 14 long years, Jasmine struggled with all the different forms of acne (cystic acne, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, bumpy skin). After trying so many ways to get rid of her acne, she used her biomedical science background coupled with her experience with many anti-acne products, she found the right blend of ingredients and concentrations that really alleviated her skin problems. Skinlycious was birthed. Skinlycious continues to improve and incorporates feedback from fellow acne battlers. 

The Experience : Products are developed and tested by Acne Battlers. Based on our acne fighting experience, we’ve come up with a Simple & Effective Clear Skin Plan for you. We emphasise on non-sticky, non-greasy textures.

The Science: Clean Formulae, giving your skin only what’s good. Optimal Actives backed by scientific research, so that products are effective. Safe and Thorough production process in a certified GMP Factory.

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