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Dear Acne Fighter,

If you want to get rid of acne fast, stop them from coming back, and feel 100% confident with your smooth, glowing skin when meeting people…

And are TIRED of ineffective acne solutions or using products that don’t deliver on their promise and even make your acne condition worse…

Then you’re one step closer to living a life COMPLETELY FREE from acne problems.

Here’s why:

Hi, my name is Jasmine, and for 14 difficult years, acne has affected my life and destroyed my confidence when looking at people while talking to them.

Throughout my years of battle with acne, I suffered from all the different forms of acne…

From uncountable cystic red acne, whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples to bumpy skin on my whole face, I had it all!

Like you, I tried everything, really:

Natural Home Therapies like Aloe Vera, Lemon, Tea Tree Oil, Cooked Oatmeal and Honey, Green Tea, etc.
Changing my diet and lifestyle.
Cheaper Drug store anti-acne products from countless brands.
Expensive anti-acne products from different brands.
Painful facials and extractions with beauty salons.
Endless doctors’ consultations
Prescription creams like Clindamycin, Benzoyl Peroxide, Differin,
and Tretinoin.
Prescription drugs like Accutane, Amoxicillin, Bactrim, Doxycycline,Diane 35.
Aesthetic procedures by doctors like Chemical peels, Microdermabrasions, Lasers

But nothing worked completely for me

“14 years of treatments and hundreds of thousands of my money wasted, and all I got left was a hole in my wallet and more acne than ever before”

I hated looking at myself in the mirror!

I found it difficult to make eye contact and refused to take photos when talking with other people.

“I had completely lost all of my confidence”

I really couldn’t take it anymore.

I was desperate.


By An Acne Fighter, For Acne Fighters.

I combined my biomedical science, pharmaceutical background, and 14 years of acne-fighting experience to develop a range of skincare and acne solutions that addresses the very root causes of acne.

Through these 8 years of Research & Development, I worked alongside fellow acne fighters, who volunteered to undergo various face tests to come up with the acne-ridding solution that GETS RID OF ACNE PERMANENTLY!

To this day, I no longer have any acne or breakouts at all! It’s now a thing of the past!

And The Answer Is Not How Everybody Think It Is…
But It’s Very Simple!

I finally understood why so many of us, acne fighters, struggle with acne for so long!

The answer to permanently getting rid of acne should not be about using harsh drying anti-acne products…

The answer is to simply revert the acne-affected skin back to its healthy state!

And this can be done by…

  1. Using gentle products that don’t block the pores on your skin to build up the skin barrier. Harsh products have a likelihood of damaging your skin barrier allowing bacteria to penetrate and eventually lead to worsening of acne.
  1. Effective spot treatment that removes acne before it grows to prevent from spreading and avoids the problem of having to deal with  scars.

BUT, it’s not just any gentle, products…

During my 8 years of Research & Development, I discovered that so many ingredients at the wrong concentration trigger my skin to overproduce sebum, resulting in oily skin and clogged pores.

No wonder I couldn’t find my acne cure in the past!

After perfecting the blend of ingredients at the right concentrations…

I finally won my acne battle after 14 struggling years…

Today, I am living a life without worries when taking pictures with others and am feeling more confident when going out, even without make-up on

The satisfaction in finally finding the solution that works for me pushed me to help my fellow acne fighters win their own battles.

“I want to help people who share the same problems I had, to others who suffer from acne…”

And thus, Skinlycious was born in 2013.

During my 8 years of Research & Development, I also involved fellow acne fighters in helping to perfect our range of products.

Using a combination of science-backed and natural ingredients, without nasties, our skin became balanced and healthy again, saying goodbye to acne forever.

The Skinlycious Essential Starter Kit has ALL the basics needed to get rid of acne FOR GOOD.

Here’s What You’re About To Discover On Your Road to Getting Rid Of Acne For Life:

How More Than 2,827 People Cleared Their Acne For Life
3 Little Known Secrets To Get Rid Of Acne Without Spending More Than $2.56 A Day
How To Get Rid Of Acne In The Next 7 Days With This Unique AcneClearing Formula, GUARANTEED!

Here’s How More Than 2,827 People Cleared Their Acne For Life

I developed what worked for me and fellow acne fighters into Skinlycious Essentials Starter Kit. This is where you begin your clear skin journey that:

Finally lets you feel more confident and attractive without acne
Gets rid of acne fast and visibly reduces redness literally overnight
Reduces oil so you never have to worry about the reflective oily shine in photos ever again
Remove acne scars so you can walk in public without burning stares from people but instead admiration for having skin as smooth as a baby’s skin
Smoothens bumps and makes your skin glow so much so that your friends and family sing praises.
Feel confident when taking selfies (even with the flash on) and uploading them to your social media accounts without edits or filters.
Ensures you won’t have to worry about having acne outbreaks ever again

3 Little Known Secrets To Get Rid Of Acne Fast Without Spending More Than $3.59 A Day

1. Reviving Healthy Skin Is The Solution

Instead of using harsh drying anti-acne products, the way to clear acne permanently is really simple!

I’ve already mentioned above that getting rid of acne is as simple as:

  1. Using gentle, non-comedogenic products (products that don’t block the pores on your skin) to build up our skin barrier.
  2. Effective spot treatment to nip acne in the bud to prevent acne spreading and formation of scars.

But that’s only the solution…

Here’s how YOU can get rid of acne LITERALLY OVERNIGHT without spending more than $3.59 a day:

2. The Key Is To Find YOUR Suitable Spot Treatment

After countless feedback and testing from fellow acne fighters, we discovered that no one spot treatment is suitable for everybody!

That explains why so many of us struggled to find our acne solution!

If only I could turn back time. It hurts me just to remember the hundreds of thousands of dollars we’ve spent on the wrong products, the WRONG INFORMATION we’ve been feeding ourselves over the years…

Finding your suitable spot treatment is the key to reducing your acne overnight.

No purging is needed if the spot treatment suits you.
No need to get worse to get better!

So,  with the help of fellow acne fighters and my vast 14 years of experience trying different anti-acne products, we developed two acne spot treatments that are effective but yet have very little to no side effects:

  1. An acids-based (Glow Exfoliant) spot treatment for Acne Fighters who respond best to acids
  2. A vitamins-based spot correct (Clarifying Serum) for  Acne Fighters who couldn’t use acids

So, here’s how YOU can take everything you discovered so far into action…

3. A Proven And Tested System To Identify The Spot Treatment Suitable For You

I developed the half-face testing system to find the best ingredients and optimal concentrations that work 100% on my acne-prone sensitive skin.

The half-face testing or “split testing” is done on both sides of my face to identify the best concentrations of individual ingredients to find the perfect balance for your skin. This is also how 2,827 acne fighters cleared their acne.

Doing this test will save you time and money by allowing you to discover the best combination of ingredients that work on your skin.

It’s a win-win test for all acne fighters!

Plus, you will discover how to get rid of acne for life right away within 5 days!


Date: 6/4/21

After 7 days of half-face test, her skin was more inflamed, and new acne kept popping up at her chin. She was using Clarifying Serum on her chin area and Glow Exfoliant on her nose area.

Date: 10/4/21

We sent her a Soothing Cleansing Gel and asked her to stop using both spot correctors. This picture was taken before she switched to Soothing Cleansing Gel and Hydrating Serum only

Date: 18/4/21

After one week of just using Soothing Cleansing Gel and Hydrating Serum, her skin calmed down, acne is healing. Less new acne and the acne dries up in 2- 3 days.

Here’s What’s You’ll Receive In The Essentials Starter Kit:

Calming Cleanser (30ml)

A Gentle cleanser with calamine reduces redness while lactic acid and whey return your skin to its natural pH. Plant-based surfactants cleanses gently and olive-derived moisturising agent moisturises and protects the skin from irritation. Leaving you with clean, soothed and balanced skin after every wash.

Clarifying Serum (5ml)

A spot corrector with optimal concentration of stabilised Vitamin C and Vitamin B3(Niacinamide), reduces blemishes, bumps and spots quickly in just one or two applications without dryness. See your post-acne marks lighten and large pores reducing.

Glow Exfoliant (5ml) x 2

A BHA/AHA exfoliant that acts as a fast-acting spot treatment that reduces acne with just one application. Purslane helps to soothe skin irritation and reduce sensitivity. Salicylic acid penetrates deeply into pores to dissolve clogs, reducing enlarged pores. Mandelic acid exfoliates surface dead skin cells, helping to fade post-acne marks and pigmentations to reveal glowing and healthy skin.

Hydrating Serum (5ml)

An oil-free lightweight serum that hydrates deeply without clogging pores, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. Sodium hyaluronate, PCA and amino acids, also know as natural moisturising factors, hydrates and strengthens skin barrier. Hydrated skin helps to regulate skin sebum secretion and balances the skin.

This Essentials Starter Kit doesn’t just get rid of your acne forever! Here are what our happy customers have been sharing Skinlycious has done for them:

Say goodbye to “oil slicks” or peeling skin
Confidently take selfies and upload them to all your Social Media accounts
Feel confident running errands even without makeup
Clearing up bumpy skin without irritating skin problems like eczema and sensitive skin
Confidently walk in public without burning stares from others
Enjoy social conversations and events again without worries about your skin
Enjoy looking in the mirror every morning
Feel confident when taking a group photo with friends (especially with flash!)
And most importantly, free yourself from your skin insecurities and regain the self-esteem that you were robbed of


Where are my manners?

Have I already shown you our fellow acne fighters that have reported their experiences after using Skinlycious’s Products?

“Redness Reduced with Calming Cleanser“

I’m really impressed that after one wash with Calming Cleanser, my redness reduced significantly. After two months of using the Clear Skin Kit, I have total clear skin now.

– Eileen

“My Acne is Finally Gone“

I really love the Calming Cleanser. It helps to soothe redness and calms my skin. My acne is finally gone after 3 months and I cannot be happier.

– Candy

“Finally Found My Drug-free Acne Solution“

I’ve suffered from Acne since I was 15. I’ve tried almost all the Acne products on the market but sadly, they don’t help at all. I seek help from dermatologists and was on medication for almost 2 years and my skin became much better but once I stopped consuming, my pimple came back. The before/after photo is just after 7 days of use with Skinlycious mini potent kit.

– Kimberleen

“Highly Recommended!“

5 months after delivering my 2nd baby, I was plagued by hormonal acne for more than a year. I spent thousands of dollars trying different solutions including facials, carbon lasers, chemical peels, taking antibiotics and even bought different skincare brands to try (Body
Shop, Lush, Kiehls & several others), but to no avail. Some of the products helped a little but none was a permanent solution. Until I came across Skinlycious.

– Priscilla

You are THIS close to becoming one of the acne fighters I’ve helped…

Introducing Our Call Me Crazy Money-Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don’t see the results within 5 days, you have up to 90 days to get your money back.

Yes, I’m so confident that this will work for you that I’ll cover the cost of the product if it doesn’t work for you.

The only thing I ask from you is to cover the shipping and handling fee which is a mere $5, which is extremely reasonable if it doesn’t work for you.

Does that sound fair?

The only reason why we included the shipping and handling fee is because we previously had competitors who tried to repeatedly order from us just to make us lose money, so we had to introduce this $5 shipping and handling fee. We hope you understand as we can’t keep bleeding money because of a salty competitor!

What Acne Fighters had to say after using the Essentials Starter Kit and got AMAZING results:

I was so inspired to see more Acne-Battlers winning their battles against acne, so I developed other Skinlycious products that simply work on most skin types.

The Reason Why I Am Making This Guarantee Is That…

I’m sick and tired of looking at people use the wrong products and not getting the results they want…

So I’m making a one-time risk-free offer here for you to TRY out the Essentials Starter Kit.

Completely on me

The reason why I’m doing this is that I sincerely want to help you, and I know I can.

Because if you love our Essentials Starter Kit, you’ll continue to come back and buy the regular sizes and even use our whole range…

Many of our customers become our family, staying with us for many years to maintain their healthy, smooth skin.

It’s a win-win

And if you don’t like it…

I’ll refund your money in the next 90 days, no questions asked. Just take care of the $5 shipping and handling fee and you’ll get your money back.

Typically this product costs S$52.90 WITH DELIVERY CHARGES… BUT just for [INSERT DYNAMIC MONTH OF THIS MONTH] it’s going to be S$35.90 (WITH FREE DELIVERY)

Because our suppliers have decided to lower our costs for this month as we’re ordering more stock.

And if you think about it…

$35.90 to discover a proven formula to make you feel confident again…

Is only going to set you back $35.90 divided by 10  days (the Essentials Starter Kit typically lasts up to 10  days)

Is merely $3.59 per day…

So My Question To You Is This…

If you could get rid of acne for good with just $3.59 per day…

Would it be worth it?

Let me rephrase the question…

Would you forgive yourself for not taking advantage of this offer, when you can seriously get rid of acne for good?

While Your Kit Is On The Way…

While your kit is on the way after you purchase, we will send you a series of emails to share how to get rid of acne holistically.

Topics include how diet and lifestyle affect acne and how you can overcome them. These practices are proven and tested and are as effective as our products.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Essentials Starter Kit

Who Is This For?

If you want to…

Have glowing skin
Go on Tinder and never be afraid to go out on a date
Feel 100% confident when meeting people
Have skin as smooth as when you were still a baby
Have confidence in your job interviews
Take selfies and not worry about how you look (especially with a flash)

If you want to…

Have glowing skin
Go on Tinder and never be afraid to go out on a date
Feel 100% confident when meeting people
Have skin as smooth as when you were still a baby
Have confidence in your job interviews
Take selfies and not worry about how you look (especially with a flash)

Will This Work For Me?

I have developed the half-face test to educate you and find the perfect routine that will work 100% for your acne problems.

The results from the half-face test will help you move forward with the best skincare routine for your particular skin type.

And I GUARANTEE it will work on you, too

If it doesn’t, I’ll even refund your money, because I don’t believe in charging you if I can’t help you.

I Have Tried Hundreds Of Other Products That Didn’t Work…
What’s Going To Be Different This Time Around?


The Essentials Starter Kit identifies the correct product type and routine for your particular acne problem and follows through to prevent the acne from breaking out or coming back while clearing scars and lessening the oiliness on your skin.

For $2.56 per day over 10-14 days, you’re paying for a new and proven solution that finally answers your acne problems.

Again, don’t take my word for it, you’ve already seen what our acne fighters had to say about this new formula…

Okay, I Found That There’s An Essentials Starter Kit And Complete Starting Kit… What’s The Difference?

Essentials Starter Kit allows user to identify their suitable spot corrector while Complete Starter Kit allows user to identify their suitable spot treatment and moisturiser

Complete Starter Kit comes with additional 3 more products. Additional products include Soothing Cleansing Gel, Barrier Booster Moisturiser, and Mineral Sunscreen.

With the Complete Starter Kit, users get to try our complete range together as a routine, experiencing the actual benefits of Skinlycious products. The kits last about 7-10 days, depending on usage.

The Product Is Too Expensive… Is There A Way You Can Make It Cheaper?

Let me ask you this…

How much is getting clear skin worth to you?

Is it less than $2.56 a day?

Just imagine this…

You never again have to suffer from low self esteem, and a lack of confidence anymore.

Imagine what that will feel like.

You finally can walk out in public feeling sexy again, being able to attract your partner or spouse or love interest.

Is that worth less than $2.56 a day to you?

Do I Really Need To Do The Half Face Test?

Because there are only a few fixed ingredients that can be used in skin care for fighting acne. It’s really important to find which ingredients suit you the best.

We have thousands of case studies that show how this saved the hassle of going through the entire process and even made it much faster to get rid of your acne.

How To Use Essentials Starter Kit?

First 5 Days

Step 1: Cleanse your whole face with Calming Cleanser.
Step 2: Start on the RIGHT side of your face, and use Glow Exfoliant in the morning and evening.
Apply only to your acne and acne marks.
Step 3: Apply Hydrating Serum to your whole face.
Step 4: Then on the LEFT side of your face, use Clarifying Serum in the morning and evening.
Apply only to your acne and acne marks.

Note: If your acne is not on the left and right side of your face, test by using Glowing Exfoliant on the upper side of your face, then Clarifying Serum on the lower side.

Can I Apply Glow Exfoliant Using My Finger?

Do not use your fingers to apply Glow Exfoliant directly on your acne. You won’t get as much solution on the acne.

Instead, use a cotton bud or cotton pad. I prefer the cotton pad and what I do is I take the four corners of the cotton pad and pinch them together. It will look something like this:

Drip the Glow Exfoliant on the flat top part of the cotton pad and spread it on your acne/pimples/ whiteheads/blackheads. You’ll also want to apply it on those red/brown marks left when your acne is healing.

For cystic acne and blackheads, hold the cotton pad on the pimples longer to absorb more solution.

After using it on one side of the face, you can inverse/flip it over and use it on the other side of your face. This helps to minimise bacteria spreading too.

I Found Pictures Of The Clarifying Serum That Has A Slightly Different Colour Than Other Testimonials… Is That Normal?

The clarifying serum turns yellow over time even after manufacturing, and it’s a natural process that we can’t control. Vitamin C changes colours due to a process called oxidation.

It will decrease its efficacy a little, but we have put a high dose of Vit C. Remember to always tighten the cap.

To keep the clarifying serum from yellowing faster, keep it away from sun and heat sources and always remember to tighten the cap.

If the colour is almost brown, then it’s not good to use anymore

If, for whatever reason, you happen to get a clarifying serum that’s almost brown right from the package, please contact us right away so we can replace the product.

I Can Only Pay Using PayNow… Do You Accept Payments Via PayNow?

Our website won’t accept PayNow as a payment method for now…

But don’t worry! Because if PayNow is the only way for you to make payments, we’ll be happy to guide you through the process step-by-step.

You can place an order, but you’ll need to key in a dummy or expired credit card detail. Once the order fails and is reflected in the system, we can send you our PayNow details, and we can modify the order manually once we receive your payment.

Call us so we may discuss this further in detail.

I’m About To Order The Essentials Starter Kit Now… How Fast Will I Receive My Essentials Starter Kit?

Just give us 1-2 working days to prepare your order once you have placed your order. We will do our best to prepare and have the Essentials Starter Kit arrive at your doorstep the next working day.

We’ll send it over to your address right away and will secure them to your letterbox in case nobody is home. Do note that we don’t work on weekends and on Singapore’s Public Holidays.

Is The Essentials Starter Kit Covered By A 100% Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, absolutely! You have up to 90 days to get all your money back if, for any reason, you don’t see the results within 5 days.

So, click on the button below and become one of the 2,827+ acne fighters who won their battles with acne!

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