After Skinlycious has launched our anti-acne range products, we’ve gotten quite a few queries on acne-related skin care. I’ve compiled a list of mistakes that I’ve made in the past when I had acne in the hope that others do not repeat the same mistakes as me.

1) Squeezing Your Acne

DO NOT squeeze your acne. Yes, it is so tempting especially when they are “ripe” and you can see the whitish-yellow substance. However, squeezing will leave scars that are extremely difficult to treat. Just leave it alone, no matter how tempting.
I don’t really encourage facials too as I had bad experience and it was so painful. I remember tearing when the beautician squeezed my whole face that was full of acne. Every time after my facial acne treatment, I stepped out of the beauty salon with a swollen and red face! After a few sessions of torturing myself, my acne didn’t get any better and in fact it got worst. Maybe it’s just me or it’s just that particular beauty salon but that’s my experience with beauty salons.

2) Not Using Moisturisers

People with acne usually have oily skin to begin with and they would think that there’s no need to moisturise. However, most often, people with acne oily skin has dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin lacks of water. Some medications, like accutane, causes our skin to dry up. Therefore, it’s important to use a water-based moisturiser a.k.a hydrator. At Skinlycious, our hydrating serum works well for acne skin. The hyaluronic acid in hydrating serum has healing properties as well.
When I had acne, I did not use moisturiser and in my very early 20s, I had wrinkles on my forehead. So you see, not using moisturiser will give rise to another problem even if our acne is gone. Thankfully, I was introduced to hyaluronic acid serum and my wrinkles are now gone.

3) Washing Your Face Too Many Times A Day

Washing twice a day is sufficient. If you wash too often, you will tend to dry out your skin. Our body works such that they will compensate what they think it lacks of. That means, your excessive washing will cause your face to dry up and your face will generate more oil to compensate the dryness. The increased oil production will just make your acne condition worse. If you exercise and sweat a lot, you can wash your face after that but be sure to apply hydrating serum again after washing. Using a gentle cleanser that doesn’t make your skin feel dry and tight after washing is equally important as well.

4) Scrubbing You Face with Facial Scrub

Do not use those facial scrubs with granules to wash your face. The granules will actually aggravate your acne problem as it involves physical exfoliation. Previously, when I had acne, I was recommended by those beauty consultants to try out a tea tree scrub. I wasn’t knowledgable at that time and tried it. After using the scrub, my acne condition got worst though tea tree is suppose to help in acne.

Exfoliation by mild peeling induced by chemicals in low concentration, such as salicylic acid, is good for you skin. The faster skin cell turnover induced by mild peeling helps in healing. Our Glow Exfoliant combines Mandelic Acid and Salicylic Acid to exfoliate surface dead skin cells and dissolves the clogs in the pores. However, I would caution against using strong chemical peels. In the past, when I had acne, I went to a famous General practitioner(GP) that does aesthetic for my acne problem. She’s very popular in forums. Her clinics are always packed and there’s always a long waiting time. I can’t remember how many chemical peel sessions I went through with the doctor but I do remember that the chemical peels were increasingly stronger and after the last few sessions, my face was very red and flushes easily. The strong chemical peels left me with very sensitive skin. About after a year, I realised her treatments were not working for me and so I stopped going to her.

5) Using The Wrong Products

Try not to use products with non-comedogenic ingredients. You can use our checklist here to weed out comedogenic ingredients, especially in your makeup. Water-based products are usually oil-free and doesn’t clog pores. Although I would generally avoid oil, some mild do not clog pores and is good for moisturising in cold and dry climates.

Do not use products that are too harsh for your skin. After washing with your cleanser, if you feel that your skin is tight and dry, your cleanser is too harsh. Even with acne skin, you do not want to use harsh cleansers that dry out your skin.
Skinlycious Calming Cleanser is gentle yet thorough in cleansing.

6) Switching Products Too Soon

Some people are too impatient and they stop/switch products too soon. Many times, acne treatments don’t work as there’s no compliance and continuation. If you are trying out a new acne product, give yourself some time to assess if the products are working. A good timeframe is about a month. Here’s a post where you can understand the difference between allergic breakouts and purging. If you see improvements, continue to stick to it and you should see results. However, after a month, if your acne condition is getting worse, you should consider trying out other products or see a dermatologist.

7) Not Observing Good Hygiene

Here’s some general hygiene tips that you can observe when you have acne :
 Clean your hands before you wash your face.
 After washing your face, use a facial tissue to dry your face rather than a face towel as there might be a possibility that the face towel is accumulating bacteria. Spread the whole facial tissue over your face and press into your face gently, allowing the water to absorb. Don’t rub or try not to reuse the facial tissue on other parts as that might spread the acne bacteria to other parts of the face. I usually use two facial tissues to dry my face.
 Change your pillow case frequently.
 Clean your handphone using alcohol swabs regularly.
 Do not touch your face with your hands.
 Clean your make up brushes regularly.
I buy those bottle of alcohol disinfectant from drug stores such as Guardian, pour it on a facial tissue and uses that to clean my make up brushes and handphone. More lifestyle and acne tips here

8) Not Using Sunscreen

We all know that the sun causes premature ageing of the skin. By not using sunscreen, we are putting ourselves at risk of developing wrinkles, pigmentation, saggy skin.
A lot of acne products work by exfoliation so our skin is actually thinner while we are on acne treatments. If sunscreen is not applied, the risk of  premature ageing, especially pigmentation, is even higher when our skin is thin. 
When I had acne, my doctor did advise me to use sunscreen but I really didn’t like the greasy feeling and some brands even made my face look very white, so I didn’t use sunscreen. That probably explains why I got wrinkles(deep ones) when I am just in my early 20s. 
Skinlycious Brightening Sunscreen does not give a white ghostly sheen nor does it has a sticky/oily after-feel.  It’s very lightweight and is suitable for oily/acne skin. During my formulation process of the sunscreen, I tried different percentages of the physical blockers(ingredient in charge of reflecting light) and too high a percentage resulted in my skin breaking out. I also noticed that with chemical screens, I became darker shade as compared to just using physical screens. That makes sense as chemical blockers absorb rays while physical blockers reflect rays. 

9) Using Blotting Paper All The Time

This is the same theory as not using hydrators or using too harsh cleansers. Blotting away the oil on our face will make us feel better due to the reduced shine but this will actually trigger more oil production. Our skin will think that there’s not enough oil and compensate by increasing oil production.
Blotting paper will also spread the acne bacteria to other parts of your face unless you discard it once you have used it on one area of the face.
The best way is to use a facial tissue and dab your face to remove the oil. Facial tissue does not remove oil that much but it takes away the shine. You can double fold the facial tissue into a square, and use each square to dab oil away on one section of the face. Turn over to the other side and use the clean side to dab a new area. There’s a total of 4 clean squares you can use to dab oil off your face.

10) Using Peel-off Pore Strips

Not all of us suffer from serious acne. Some of us do have chronic blackheads/whiteheads, especially on our nose. Some of us use those pore strips to strip out the comedones. Although pore strips unclog the pores, the ripping movement leaves our pores open and make it more susceptible for bacteria to enter, leading to outbreaks. Using these kind of pore strips will cause our pores to be enlarged as well, making it more susceptible to more clogging. Pore strips also remove the skin of its essential oils, prompting it to produce more oil.
Skinlycious Glow Exfoliant can be used to unclog pores and remove blackheads/whiteheads. 

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