You don’t have to be an essential worker wearing face masks for a long period of hours to notice a reaction from wearing the mask. Unfortunately, face masks are becoming part of our daily wardrobe and breakouts that happen after wearing a mask becomes so common that it is now often known as maskne. According to Tokyo Weekender, maskne is now the widespread skincare problem in 2020 and many victims are ranting on Twitter and Facebook about their new additions of pimples popping up.

Sure, acne won’t kill us, but it can be a big impact on one’s confidence especially on a good Facetime or zoom meeting. The technical term for Maskne is “acne mechanica”, which is acne form by repetitive physical contact of fabric against the skin. It is not new and in fact it is commonly found on sports figures who wear chin guards and helmets. It is also due to the humid and moist environment caused by your mouth and nose being covered for a long period of time. Thus, the hot and moist environment gives the perfect opportunity for bacteria breeding, clogged pores and increased sebum production.

How to prevent Maskne

– A Gentle Cleanser that does not weaken your skin barrier

It is recommended to avoid soap and products with sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) as these would strip off the skin natural oils and impair your skin barrier.

Avoid over-cleansing. Cleansing twice a day, once in the morning and once at night is sufficient. However, if you have exercised vigorously and sweated a lot, it’s advisable to cleanse your face and body thereafter. Do put a hydrating serum after cleansing, so that your skin will not think that its dry and will be stimulated to produce more oil.  

One example of a gentle cleanser is Skinlycious Calming Cleanser. Not only does it cleanses gently, it’s loaded with Calamine to soothe and calm skin.

– Products that deeply hydrates your skin

Hydrating the skin strengthens the skin barrier and hence helps in mitigating acne. Instead of using rich or thick moisturisers in the day, swap it with lightweight serums.

Look out for ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, natural moisturising factors (which are natural amino acids), glycerin that help to hydrate skin while reducing transepidermal water loss, i.e. water loss from skin.  Oils and thicker moisturisers with ceramides generally require more time for penetration into the skin as compared to serums.

If you prefer oils and moisturisers, do wait for at least 15 mins before you put on your masks, so that the moisturiser is fully absorbed. As masks will be trapping moisture, it might be worthwhile using a lightweight hydrating serum in the day and then a richer moisturiser at night.

Add on skincare products with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits into your routine

These antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients will help to strengthen your skin barrier as well as quench free radicals that damages our skin health.

Some antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients to look out for are Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Vitamin E, Resveratrol, and many Plant Extracts like Chamomile Extract.

Skinlycious Clarifying Serum is one example of a lightweight, water-based antioxidant serum / gel. It’s packed with Stabilised Vitamin C and Niacinamide, which will help quench free radicals and increase your skin barrier without clogging your pores. It can also be used a spot treatment when those pesky acne pop ups.

The stabilized Vitamin C and Niacinamide has been clinically proven to help reduce acne.

– Avoid using all these ingredients in your skincare.

1. Avoid fragrance in the forms of synthetic fragrances, i.e. parfume, and natural fragrances like essential oils. Many people have a common misunderstanding that natural products are better but do you know that most essential oils and some botanicals contains allergens? These allergens might further irritate your skin.

2. Avoid introducing new ingredients like Retinol, or strong acid peels like those with Glycolic acids as these ingredients can irritate the skin when the masks we wear are already irritating our skin.

3. Avoid comedogenic ingredients. We do have a comprehensive list of comedogenic ingredients here but from experience, whether or not the ingredient is comedogenic, it depends a lot on concentration as well. Here at Skinlycious, you can be assured that our products have been formulated and tested by acne-battlers

– Wash your cloth mask

Avoid re-wearing mask as dirt and dead skin cells build up on the inside can cause acne at the point of contact. Cloth masks have to be washed frequently unless you want all the dirt, sweat and oil to be reapplied to your face constantly.

– Treatment

– Spot treatment before it spreads and gets worse

If you are experiencing irritation and redness from the mask, start using products with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory like Skinlycious Blemish Corrector.

Here at Skinlycious, we offer two types of spot treatments. Blemish corrector (vitamins-based) is gentle, non-drying and non-peeling while Glow Exfoliant is fast-acting albeit might be a little drying for some. Glow Exfoliant contains Salicylic Acid(penetrates deep into pores to dissolve gunk), Mandelic Acid (one of the most gentle Alpha-hydroxy acids to aid in exfoliation and it has anti-bacterial properties too) and Chamomile to soothe your skin. Glow Exfoliant can also be used as a full-face exfoliant to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and remove the gunk deep in pores.

– Visit a dermatologist

If your spot treatment does not work, you might want to consider visiting a dermatologist. Especially, if your face looks more of a rash and makes you feel like scratching it off. The chances are that you have contacted dermatitis and not acne.


Until a Covid-19 vaccine is found, face mask will probably still be part of our daily must-have accessory when stepping out. Skinlycious offers a gentle, anti-acne skincare routine that addresses maskne. Try all 4 maskne-fighting Skinlycious products at only $35 with a 30 days money-back guarantee on our Clear Skin Essentials Starter Kit. Get yours here now.

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What Are People Saying

By: Jun Qi
“Cystic Acne Cleared”

I struggled with cystic acne for many years. When I stopped my prescription medications, my acne always come back with a vengeance. When I chanced upon Jasmine’s story, it felt like she was telling my story. I decided to try the mini kit and never looked back. My acne is now gone and skin is clear. It’s been a year and my acne has not returned with continued usage of Skinlycious.

By: Kimberleen
“Finally found my drug-free acne solution”

I’ve suffered from Acne since I was 15. I’ve tried almost all the Acne products on the market but sadly, they don’t help at all.
I seek help from dermatologists and was on medication for almost 2 years and my skin became much better but once I stopped consuming, my pimple came back.
The before/after photo is just after 7 days of use with Skinlycious mini potent kit. I love using the Glow Exfoliant because it helps to cure my acne within a few days! I’ve used almost a month now and my skin looks good.
Would recommend people who have acne to give it a try.

By: Priscilla
“Highly recommended!”

5 months after delivering my 2nd baby, I was plagued by hormonal acne for more than a year. I spent thousands of dollars trying different solutions including facials, carbon lasers, chemical peels, taking antibiotics and even bought different skincare brands to try (Body Shop, Lush, Kiehls & several others), but to no avail. Some of the products helped a little but none was a permanent solution. Until I came across Skinlycious. I’m currently using the cleanser, hydrating serum, cleansing water and sunscreen and I like the products because they are light and easily absorbed into my skin. And miraculously, my acne has subsided quite a fair bit. There’re still some, but compared to how bad it was previously, it’s a vast improvement. In addition, my face is a lot less oily as compared to before I used Skinlycious products. It helps that Jasmine also provides great customer service because after spending a bomb on so many products, honestly I was skeptical about Skinlycious at first. Overall, I’d say the products are value-for-money, fuss-free and definitely highly recommended!

The Skinlycious Difference

For 14 long years, Jasmine struggled with all the different forms of acne (cystic acne, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, bumpy skin). After trying so many ways to get rid of her acne, she used her biomedical science background coupled with her experience with many anti-acne products, she found the right blend of ingredients and concentrations that really alleviated her skin problems. Skinlycious was birthed. Skinlycious continues to improve and incorporates feedback from fellow acne battlers. 

The Experience : Products are developed and tested by Acne Battlers. Based on our acne fighting experience, we’ve come up with a Simple & Effective Clear Skin Plan for you. We emphasise on non-sticky, non-greasy textures.

The Science: Clean Formulae, giving your skin only what’s good. Optimal Actives backed by scientific research, so that products are effective. Safe and Thorough production process in a certified GMP Factory.

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