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Clear Skin Potent Kit

Fast-Acting addressing the root causes of acne

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Clear Skin Potent Kit

Original price was: $107.00.Current price is: $99.00.

Fast-Acting addressing the root causes of acne

Availability: In stock

Our bestselling Clear Skin Kit is how Jasmine solved 14 years of acne woes. A simple 3 step routine distilled down to tried and tested active ingredients that addresses the root cause of acne.

The Potent Kit uses acid-based actives which work quickly to penetrate pores and unclog gunk. Initial mild peeling might be experienced.

This trio restores balance and renews your skin at the same time — shrinking acne, lightening red/brown marks, reducing redness, shrinking pores, regulating oil production and exfoliating to uncover healthy, glowing skin.

"This set is my favorite. The cleanser is really gentle and is suitable for my eczema skin. It’s also gentle for the hands when I wash my face. The serum is my holy grail. It really controls my sebum." - Vanessa L.

Our bestselling Clear Skin Kit is how Jasmine solved 14 years of acne woes. A simple 3 step routine distilled down to tried and tested active ingredients that addresses the root cause of acne.

The Potent Kit uses acid-based actives which work quickly to penetrate pores and unclog gunk. Initial mild peeling might be experienced.

This trio restores balance and renews your skin at the same time — shrinking acne, lightening red/brown marks, reducing redness, shrinking pores, regulating oil production and exfoliating to uncover healthy, glowing skin.

Are You Experiencing?

Are You Experiencing?

Fight Acne at Its Core

Our best selling kit that solved our founder’s 14 years of acne woes.

Gentle Cleanse

Calming Cleanser 150ML

  • Calms skin and reduces redness and itch
  • Removes dead skin cells without irritation
  • Balances skin pH
  • Reduces the recurrence of acne

Spot Treatment

Glow Exfoliant 8ML

  • Penetrates deeply to dissolve clogs in pores
  • Reduces whiteheads, blackheads, acne
  • Fades red/brown post-acne marks and pigmentations
  • Reduces enlarged pores
  • Gently exfoliates surface dead skin cells to reveal glowing and healthy skin

Hydrates and Regulates

Hydrating Serum 30ML

  • Hydrates without clogging pores
  • Regulates skin oil/sebum secretion
  • Strengthens skin barrier
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Firms skin

Try Our Complete Routine

Everything you need for a clear skin routine. See your skin transform!


Complete Starter Kit

“Our most complete solution that addresses the root cause of acne, moisturizes your skin & starts you with the right routine for clearer skin”


Need Some Extra Moisture?

You may not know this, but hydrating your skin is different from moisturizing your skin.
Dry skin requires both water and oil to stay healthy. Try these combinations in conjunction with your Clear Skin Potent Kit if you need an extra boost.
Simply add them to your bag at checkout.

Combination 1


Hydrating Serum adds and holds water in your skin while Barrier Booster Moisturiser adds a little oil into your skin. Layer on or mix Barrier Booster Moisturiser into Hydrating Serum to adjust the right amount of oil your skin needs.

Combination 2


Layer on Balancing Facial Oil after Hydrating Serum and Barrier Booster
Moisturiser if your skin is drier. Or add
a drop or two and mix with Barrier Booster Moisturiser for just a little bit more oil.


Plan A Not Working? Try Plan B

Still having breakouts? We’ve got you covered. 

Most of you will see improvements after using the Clear Skin Kits.
However, a small percentage of acne fighters who have more sensitive skin will need to stop spot correctors(Glow Exfoliant and Clarifying Serum) and rebuild their skin barrier to see results.
You can do this by using our Soothing Cleansing Gel in conjunction with Combination 1 or 2 (above). You can purchase these items separately here.


Read about the success stories of fellow Acne Fighters & Skinlycious users.

“No more pimples
Pimples are gone and I have smooth skin now 🙂 The Glow Exfoliant works very well. Spots flatten the next day. I’m so glad to have found Skinlycious!”

“Cystic Acne Cleared”
I struggled with cystic acne for many years. When I stopped my prescription medications, my acne always came back with a vengeance.
When I chanced upon Jasmine’s story, it felt like she was telling my story. I decided to try the starter kit and never looked back. My acne is now gone and skin is clear. It’s been more than a year and my acne has not returned with continued usage of Skinlycious.

“Acne finally went away and never came back!”
My big acne got smaller the next day after applying Glow Exfoliant! After using the cleanser, my skin is soft, smooth and not dry. The whole Skinlycious range is my skin-saver. I’ve struggled with acne since my teens and I finally have clear skin at 40 years old!

“I’v gained back my confidence after 8 years of self-consciousness”
The Skinlycious Clear Skin Essentials Kit helped me get rid of the acne that I have been struggling with for 8 years. My favorite is the Glow Exfoliant because it penetrates into my skin and removes all the dirt in the pores. Redness and acne scars are gone too. My acne was completely cleared after 3 months of use!

Complete Your Routine to Achieve Glowing Smooth Skin

Select your age group to see your recommended skincare routine

The Skinlycious Difference

Experience + Science-Based Skincare

78 reviews for Clear Skin Potent Kit

  1. khooyanzhi (verified owner)

    Daughter tried out the trial kit and was quite satisfied with it so buying the normal set to try out for a while more. Not exactly that cheap but if it works then i guess worth the value. Will try out for a while more n see if DD’s acne improves.

  2. alexlovehui05 (verified owner)


    Been using these product for awhile. Do see improve in my pimples but not blackhead.

  3. wuzsyco (verified owner)

    Performance:not bad

    Fast delivery !!
    Suitable for sensitive

  4. autumn3680 (verified owner)


    Repeat purchase to continue for acne condition

  5. autumn3680 (verified owner)


    After trying the test kit got this to continue trying

  6. sarahchng1314 (verified owner)

    Performance:good so far
    Suitability:very good Skin smoother! Thanks much! Recommended!

  7. mimi1cc (verified owner)

    Repeated purchase because the products works!

  8. janesiow (verified owner)

    Suitability:good Items received in good condition. Thanks seller

  9. psps.1122 (verified owner)

    Performance:very good Suitability:good Formulation:good ordered many times already! it works for my skin and this is non oily at all! love their products. thank u

  10. jennifer1461 (verified owner)

    thanks for gift! the product is great and had recommended it to my extended family..

  11. alexlovehui05 (verified owner)

    Suitability:Good Performance:Good Formulation:Good Brought the starter kit it in October. After a month of using and finishing it, I have breakout and got worried. Message them and they said it was normal. Bought the bigger bottles and used them till Dec. Notice a change after a while. So for those trying, you will need to use it for about 2-3 months to see improvement.

  12. janesiow (verified owner)

    Suitability:excellent Performance:excellent Formulation:excellent Multiple purchase, it really help to control acne. My all time favourite. Love the gift, thank you.

  13. brendaheartskoh (verified owner)

    Performance:good Formulation:good Suitability:good First time purchasing from shopee instead of the website directly. As you can see, the outer packaging is slightly tented. I did not open the box inside yet cause I bought extra to keep stock. Hopefully it’s the same quality as the website. But the skincare is really good for sensitive, combination and acne prone skin. Just that I have clogged pores, so need to exfoliate more than usual.

  14. psgcfo_kv6 (verified owner)

    Repeat purchase. Controls acne quite well tho hormonal acne still breaks through

  15. candisek (verified owner)

    Suitability:Sensitive skin My 4th time ordering these product. Works well for my easily breakout skin.

  16. cosmoveil (verified owner)

    Suitability:so okay. Formulation:not irritating Performance:still need more time to see results Compact packaging. After many months of just using the trial packs now getting the big bottles. Need more time to see. Some days my skin still gets abit irritated..

  17. tooii (verified owner)

    Suitability:good Formulation:good Performance:good Repeated purchase. Like the mildness and pretty effective for my acne. Used for coming to a month. Hope to see better effect in another 2 months. Prompt delivery.

  18. 6578924wong (verified owner)

    Performance:good Product well packed and protected. Received i good condition. First time purchase after trying the starter kit. Thank you

  19. janetanpohgeok (verified owner)

    Order well packed and received.

  20. celesteeeeng (verified owner)

    bought both products together for use, seems good so far, fast delivery

  21. psps.1122 (verified owner)

    Formulation: very good
    Very effective for pimples. Had been using for quite some time and it’s my 3rd bottle. Delivery was fast too. Thank you

  22. blessedmummyy (verified owner)

    Finally I got a suitable skin care for my teenage girl.

  23. tooii (verified owner)

    Thank you for the prompt delivery. Shall continue to use the products and see if can improve the oil balance better.

  24. 1stQueenTwin (verified owner)

    I love this. It immediately dried my pimple and brought down its bump. I’ve used it for 3 days now. However, i think it can’t be used for longer time as it seems to be drying my skin even with generous application of the 2 serum. But it does control oil. Immediately made skin less oily.

  25. aahke.mishell (verified owner)

    Received in good condition. 2nd set purchased. Will continue to use to see more improvement to my skin.

  26. psps.1122 (verified owner)

    This is the greatest product i ever use. Fast delivery also. Thank u

  27. sumer_yun (verified owner)

    Repeated buyer and always glad to be using this product which helps to control my acne skin.

  28. ginng340 (verified owner)

    Item received in good condition. My skin is less bumpy and pimples went down very fast after using the kit. The acne marks also faded! Skin so much smoother now! Love! Recommended! ????

  29. Steffan (verified owner)

    Helps on teen acne with 1 month of use of course depending on your severity of the acne

  30. Elsdon4 (verified owner)

    My skin is sensitive and breakout easily. Followed the instructions to test Glow Exfoliant and Clarifying Serum.
    I literally can see my bumps flattening with Cl. Serum on my R side and the bumps became more inflamed with Glow Exf on my L side. After stopping Glow Exf. and using Cl.Serum, the redness and the pimples subsided.
    No wonder I couldn’t clear my acne and some pdts break me out bad. Now, I know not to use acids. I’m hopeful that Cl. Serum can help clear my acne with longer usage.

  31. Ruuben (verified owner)

    I think this was the best thing of the full set I tried. I like to dab this on each pimple. Helps to bring it down.

  32. nixonrey (verified owner)

    Well packaged. Delivery was pretty fast. Works well. Thanks

  33. joost08 (verified owner)

    Item received in good order . Prompt shipment service . Thank u .

  34. ongangela (verified owner)

    Item received in good condition with a smooth and fast delivery. Will order again when needed.

  35. Xitlalli (verified owner)

    item delivered was fast and arrived in good condition! highly recommended!

  36. jenniferlee1461 (verified owner)

    repeat order.. work very well for my teenager son. no more acne .

  37. sharonlee7660 (verified owner)

    Multiple purchases of Skinlycious products. As always, fast delivery and items well-received. Skinlycious products have definitely helped my teenage son to clear his acne. His skin has improved so much and will continue to use the products to help get rid of his acne marks.

  38. candisek (verified owner)

    It is suitable for my skin as my skin doesn’t get oily so easily and help to calm my skin n lesser breakout

  39. atenidris (verified owner)

    Bought the travel size and it’s not enough! Product came in bubble wrap and boxes ?? effectiveness of product is reliable because my skin is getting better eversince I use Skinlycious. Also got the clarifying gel for my pimples and spots!

  40. Yasmine (verified owner)

    Suitability:Superb Performance:Effective Formulation:10881ntle I had acne since I was a teen, now in my early thirties and tried so many different treatments, clini9997, facials, over the counter products. This is by far the best ever. Got the trial set and here I am 10881tting the big10881r bottles. Usually the products I tried will only work if you keep using it. If you missed for a day or two, pimples will come out again or your skin will “adapt” to the product and won’t be effective anymore. I got combination skin and most products are either too oily or too drying. With Skinlycious, I swear, I don’t have that problem anymore! It’s lightweight without compromising quality and effectiveness. Pimples will just shrunk the next day. Introducing this to my daughter too.

  41. mavel (verified owner)

    Performance:good Suitability:good Bought the trial set for my daughter to try at first, really must follow their instructions well to find out which problem skin you are dealing with. My daughter had been using it and slowly it really clears up her acne. Very Fast delivery, ordered yesterday morning received today. Thank you seller!! Received in gd condition and well wrapped.

  42. mia (verified owner)

    Repeated buyer. Thanks seller.

  43. jempang95 (verified owner)

    My adolescent sibling has been using this product and it really helps to keep his pimples under control. Second time using this product ????

  44. Wei Ping (verified owner)

    Have tried this set before and see some improvement. Want to continue using and really hope my acne skin will clear. Thank you.

  45. Siwi A. (verified owner)

    Second purchase, work well on my acne face.

  46. Liu (verified owner)

    Try the small bottles before and there’s some improvement. Hopefully will really recover from this acne. Thank you. Stay safe.

  47. Karyn Kang (verified owner)

    Bought the kit for my teen daughter and she liked the products. Buying the full size now.

  48. F.Z. (verified owner)

    I’d bought the complete starter kit and noticed my marks started to lighten which is why I decided to purchase the full sized bottles. I still get breakouts but I hope it’ll be less after a few months.

  49. Yuly M. (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery. Bought trial pack and worked quite well on teen’s oily skin. Decided to continue and hope to see more progress🙏🏻

  50. Chrissy T. (verified owner)

    Started teen daughter on their starter kit and now getting the full size products.
    Seller is very responsive and helpful.
    Order was shipped on same day and received the next day.
    Products were bubble wrapped and arrived in pristine condition.
    Thank you!

  51. Y.Z. (verified owner)

    Repeated buyer. So far its working for my skin. Tried many products but all of them don’t seem to work as good as theirs.

  52. Wan Qing (verified owner)

    I started with the starter kit to just try out and I will say this is so far the best basic daily set I ever had. It is even lighter than the acne prone skin set I get from my skin clinic. Now my face is not that oily anymore. But I drink a lot of water as well now.

  53. Becca G. (verified owner)

    i got the complete starter kit previously and my closed comedones got better. Purchasing the full size for longer period of use.

  54. Logeswary C. (verified owner)

    Working well until now. Things getting better

  55. May Y. (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery order today , received the item tomorrow , second time purchase is effective for my face good product.

  56. Jolene Lee (verified owner)

    Repeated purchases! Help to clear the acnes on my gal’s face!

  57. Andrew (verified owner)

    The exfoliating solution is my favorite especially since you can see it actually clean your face after using a cotton pad. And the treatment leaves my skin clear and silky smooth. Worth the money!

  58. Renee Chuu (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Received within a few days. Highly recommend. Can see improvements.

  59. Kayla Xu (verified owner)

    Repeated purchase after ordering the test kit. Worth a try. Visible improvement.

  60. Sebastian T. (verified owner)

    This works well on me. Started seeing improvement on my skin within days. Very good.

  61. Bee Buzz (verified owner)

    Nicely packaged 📦 repeat purchase 👍 cleanser calming ❤ recommended 👌

  62. Lisa (verified owner)

    Perfect and it brighten my dull skin! My skin is so much brighter and radiant now.

  63. May Y. (verified owner)

    Second time purchase , overall is good ,my skin better than last time ,will purchase again .

  64. Leslie (verified owner)

    Items received fast and in good condition. This potent kit is really working well on my acne prone skin. Most humps subsided n redness disappear🤗👍

  65. W.L. (verified owner)

    4th week into this skincare routine, this is my first full size order. definitely seen slight improvement. but still troubled with lots of clogged bumps and acne marks. hoping to see more improvements for the coming month since skin cycle takes a while. if there is still improvement, will repurchase.

  66. Jolene Lee (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Product helps! Thanks

  67. Renee Chuu (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery. Used for only a month , am continuing to monitor my skin 🙂

  68. Kayla Xu (verified owner)

    Getting the full set after trying out the trial set and see some improvement.

  69. Kayla Xu (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery and getting the full set after trying the trial set. Hope to see result soon

  70. Sabrina S. (verified owner)

    Have been using this kit for a while now, the glow exfoliator works great on my skin. If you’re still getting bad breakouts after trying this product, then it’s most likely your diet you need to change, because that’s what I’d experienced! Great product overall.

  71. Vanessa L. (verified owner)

    This set is my favourite. The cleanser is really gentle and is suitable for my eczema skin. It’s also gentle for the hands when I wash my face. The serum is my holy grail. It really controls my sebum. I used to have a layer of oil by midday but right now, I do not even need to blot my face until about evening. It really does help a lot. Thanks skinlycious. Will continue to purchase from you.

  72. Renee Chuu (verified owner)

    I have tried the trial kit initially and see immediate results!
    Super love and delivery was fast also! I have separately bought the pimple spot as 4 steps work super well on me

  73. Randy Lee (verified owner)

    Everything in this kit is useful. My skin is hydrated without feeling oily and the glow exfoliant helps clear up my black heads. I have big pores, after using the glow exfoliant I have lesser zits and they heal faster.

  74. Sabrina (verified owner)

    Editing my old review as I have purchased this set more than 3 times now. At the start it took quite a while to see skin improvements as my diet was still not cleared of gluten. I started to see more improvements only after 2 months of using these products.

    I also did my own research for learning how to use and layer the AHA/BHA exfoliant (turns out it needed to be left to work on the skin for a while before I put on the next product).

    I would say now 90% of my acne has cleared up, though I am still managing the scars and brown spots that are left behind. The gentle cleanser is great on my skin and does the job, while the hydrating serum works great as a first layer before other moisturisers and sunscreen in the AM. Overall, am happy with Skinlycious products.

  75. B.B. (verified owner)

    I’ve tried their trial kit and I could see visible improvements on my skin. I have adult pimples and it would leave scar marks after. The products really help to lighten and lesser pimples.

  76. Charmaine (verified owner)

    visible results

  77. Aaron Matthias (verified owner)

    I have had severe acne issues since childhood and it affected my confidence hugely. Back then, my parents spent thousands upon thousands on medication from doctors and facial packages. Medication is only temporary. The facial packages worked but it was really expensive. If Skinlycious was around then, or more well known now it could really help a lot of people. I switched to Skinlycious to give it a try and support local businesses and saw a difference within the first week – calmer skin, less oily.

    Keep rocking Jasmine and team!

  78. Jesslyn (verified owner)

    A long time user of Skinlycious. Been 7 years and this kit cleared my hormonal acne and helped me maintained acne free skin. The glow exfoliant works really fast.

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Calming Cleanser


Full Ingredients list

Water, Calamine, Glycerin, Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters, Lactic Acid, Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate, Phenoxyethanol, Xanthan Gum, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Methyl Oleoyl Taurate, Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Ethylhexyglycerin, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Sodium Benzoate.

Glow Exfoliant


Full Ingredients list

Water, Alcohol Denat., Mandelic Acid, Glycerin, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Butylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

Hydrating Serum

Full Ingredients List

Water, Glycerin, Sodium PCA, Sodium Hyaluronate, Butylene Glycol, Glycine, Serine, Glutamic Acid, Aspartic Acid, Leucine, Alanine, Lysine, Arginine, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Proline, Valine, Isoleucine, Histidine, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol.




Q1. How long do I need to use before I can see results?
A1.Anti-acne products need time to work. Many of you will be able to see improvements in a few days. However, to achieve clear skin, a good estimate is 2-3 months. Some people might experience faster results but usually those are the milder cases. After 3 months, if you still do not see any improvement, it’s best you consult a doctor as you might need medication.

Q2. I have oily and acne skin. Why do I still need to apply Hydrating Serum?
A2. Most people suffering from oily and acne skin has dehydrated but oily skin. Hydrating Serum is an oil-free, water-based hydrator that will hydrate your skin without adding more oil to your skin. When your face is hydrated, this will in turn stimulate your skin to produce less oil, thus less clogged pores and in turn less acne.

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