By: Chloe

“It Really Did Something For My Skin”

I realized my skin is not in the best condition because I use makeup almost daily, so I wanted to do something about it. I tried this range of products for the past 7 days, and I can say that it really did something for my skin.

What I like the most is that it is not drying and is suitable for all skin types, especially because I’ve always been looking for cleansers that can thoroughly clean my skin but don’t leave it feeling very, very dry.

By: Safiya

“Skinlycious Helped Cleared My Acne And Pigmentations”

I’ve been fighting acne and pigmentation nonstop for over 12 years. Drug-store anti-acne brands and dermatologist creams and products didn’t work for me.

I noticed results within the first week of using Skinlycious products. The products are gentle and non-sticky. Skinlycious has really helped clear my acne and pigmentations.

By: Kayla

“These Products Truly Work”

I was suffering from severe acne a couple of months ago and nothing would work. By using the vitamin-based Clarifying Serum together with the whole range, my acne and scars cleared up! These products truly work and I learnt a lot about my skin in the process!

By: Cheryl

“I Am Literally More Confident”

I have suffered from acne since I was 17. Despite seeing dermatologists and trying various treatments, including accutane, retinols, and vitamin C, nothing worked for me and many products only irritated my skin further.

Everything in the Skinlycious range is my favorite because these products literally saved me from all the horrible pain, itchiness, redness, and oiliness.

After my skin cleared up,I have gained so much confidence. I no longer worry about acne or an oily face before meeting clients. Skinlycious has really helped me a lot.

By: Lynette

“It Bring Me Back The Young Skin I Used To Have”

I do not have acne skin but my skin seems to be very dull especially towards the second half of the day. My complexion is just so dull.

I use the Skinlycious Hydrating Serum every morning and every night. I mix it together with the Barrier Booster Moisturiser and it works very well for me.

After switching to Skinlycious It bring me back the young skin that I used to have and the radiance that I have lost over the years.

By: Jeanne

“I Don’t See Any Acne Recurring”

Acne bothers me because it affects my self confidence. I’ve tried different retail brands that claims to reduce the severity of acne, or prevent the acne from surfacing. It did work maybe for a very short while, but in the long run I noticed that my skin is still very oily which actually clogs the pores and eventually I still break out.

I started using Skinlycious in the year of 2020. When I tried the trial set, I can see that it reduced the severity of the acne significantly it bring down the redness at the same time, it also reduced the oiliness of my skin.

Skinlycious skincare products helped me to simplify my skincare routine and most importantly I don’t see any acne recurring.

By: Helissa

“I Love That My Old Clear Skin Is Back!”

I was battling acne for 5 months, other products I tried did not prevent more acne from forming. I started with the Skinlycious Starter Kit, and did the half-face test, both spot treatments worked for me!

One of my favorites is the Skinlycious Calming Cleanser which is so gentle, it washes your face and leaves a layer of moisture which leaves my skin nice and soft.

All my friends, colleagues and family noticed my skin is so much better! I feel so much more confident! I love that my old clear skin is back, and definitely its a girls dream to walk out of the house confidently.

By: Ryan

“It Really Works & I’m Loving It!

I’ve been using the Skinlycious Calming Cleanser for 1 1/2 years now and I literally swear by it! I’ve never used any facial product for as long as this one. I have oily skin but after first trying it, the oiliness on my skin is so much more controlled. Unlike on other brands or facial products I’ve used, this last way longer.

It really works and I’m loving it, I’m really thankful to Skinlycious for this awesome product!

By: Vanessa

“Acne & Eczema Now Gone!”

I was a victim of maskne. Not only did I suffer from Acne, my Eczema flared up on my upper lip area and eyelids too.

I tried facials and other brand products but nothing worked. Other brands of harsh acne products made my Eczema flared up more.

I started with the Starter Kit and I actually saw a big difference after 2.5 weeks. After using Skinlycious full range, my Acne and Eczema are gone!

By: Andie

“I Can Be Truly Be Myself Now”

I’ve gained back my confidence after 8 years of self-consciousness.

The products in the Skinlycious Clear Skin Essentials Kit helped me get rid of the acne that I have been struggling with for 8 years.

My favorite is the Glow Exfoliant because it penetrates into my skin and removes all the dirt in the pores. Redness and acne scars are gone too. My acne and scars were completely cleared after 3 months of use!

By: Hafiz

“Every Time I Look In The Mirror, I’m Like ‘Woah!”

Since I was 13 years old, people would ask “Why is your face have so much acne?”, they even said it was like corals under the ocean. It was very bad. Through the years I tried different products, some worked, some didnt. It was never consistent.

After using the Skinlycious products my skin felt smoother, lighter, less oily and my pimple scars are less visible.

Every time I look in the mirror I’m like “woah! I’m more confident & I feel proud.

By: Anna

“After 1 Month Of Using These Products My Skin Was Less Oily”

I always had oily skin and mild acne, their was one occasion when I gave my phone to somebody, he returned it to me with disgust. I started using off the shelf products which my friends recommended, but this never worked for me, it made be feel very embarrassed.

I’ve started using the Skinlycious Products & my skin felt clean and moisturized. Even after 1 month of using these products my skin was noticeably less oily and my pimples are gone. I feel more confident and my skin felt more normal.

By: Joanne

“My Colleagues Noticed My Skin Improved”

5 Years ago my acne started for no particular reason, eventually it became this huge cystic acne. I was quite depressed especially that my job was a front facing role. I went to a doctor which prescribed antibiotics, it was getting expensive and I didn’t want to rely on it.

After using the trial set noticed my skin was softer and smoother I could really see results! After this I felt happier & more confident, even my colleagues noticed that my skin condition has actually improved!

By: Jun Qi

“Cystic Acne Cleared”

I struggled with cystic acne for many years. When I stopped my prescription medications, my acne always come back with a vengeance.

When I chanced upon Jasmine’s story, it felt like she was telling my story.

I decided to try the mini kit and never looked back. My acne is now gone and skin is clear. It’s been a year and my acne has not returned with continued usage of Skinlycious.

By: Julie

“Tween’s Acne Cleared with Calming Cleanser”

My 12 year old tween’s acne cleared up just by using Skinlycious Calming Cleanser. We’ve used a couple of other brands but there’s too many steps and he just wasn’t disciplined enough to use it.

With Skinlycious, within a week and a half of using Calming Cleanser twice a day, his acne started disappearing and his skin looked healthier and was glowing. I’m happy that he’s a lot more confident and happier now.

By: Eileen

Redness Reduced with Calming Cleanser

I’m really impressed that after one wash with Calming Cleanser, my redness reduced significantly. After two months of using the Clear Skin Kit, I have total clear skin now.

By: Candy

“My Acne is Finally Gone”

I really love the Calming Cleanser. It helps to soothe redness and calms my skin. My acne is finally gone after 3 months and I cannot be happier.

By: Inez

“Acne Scars Have Lightened”

No more breakouts and the acne scars have lightened! Affordable and I see results. Now, I can bid goodbye to the endless cycle of facials.

By: Kimberleen

“Finally Found My Drug-free Acne Solution”

By: Jesslyn

7 years on Maintaining Acne-free Skin with Skinlycious

By: Summer

Skin Is Less Oily & Mild Acne Cleared

Amazing! My mild acne cleared up after two weeks of usage. Skin is less oily and no more pimples.

By: Jenny

Bumpy Skin Gone

I had acne since I was 11 and my confidence was low. With Skinlycious products, my bumpy skin cleared up without irritating my eczema and sensitive skin.

By: Magdelene

Hydrated Skin that Shocked my Skin Doctor

Magdelene, a mother of 4, describes how she feels like she stepped out of a facial treatment after using Skinlycious Calming Cleanser. And after switching to Skinlycious Hydrating Serum, her skin is no longer dehydrated as verified by her Aesthetic Doctor.

By: Priscilla

Highly Recommended!

By: Sherria

Really Fast Results Compared to an Aesthetic Doctor

It’s a set of marvelous products! Step 1,2,3 and that’s it! Hassle free and most importantly, it works!!! Skinlycious only took 3 weeks to cure my worst outbreak compared to an aesthetic doctor who took 6 months but provided a disappointing outcome. Will continue to support Skinlycious and of course will recommend to the people around me.

By: Bright

No More Pimples

Pimples are gone and I have smooth skin now. The Anti-Acne Solution (Now known as Glow Exfoliant) works very well. Spots flatten the next day. I’m so glad to have found Skinlycious!

By: Gewayne

Life Saver

Pimples are gone and I have I’ve just recently use Skinlycious acne products for less than a month and I can say that it’s a life saver as my skin is slowly making improvements! Loving the product so much! Thank you!

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