The Skinlycious Difference

We care, and we’ve been there

The Skinlycious Difference

We care, and we’ve been there

Products that just work

Science-based Skincare Backed By Real-life Experience

Developed & Tested by Acne Fighters

Skinlycious was founded by Jasmine Kang who for 14 years struggled with all kinds of acne from pimples to cystic red acne. She tried countless products, visited doctors and yet nothing worked completely.

Our products are a culmination of science, first hand experience & 8 years of R&D. Our passion is not just providing quality effective products, but making a difference to fellow acne fighters & spread #acnepositivity.

Safe & Thorough Production Process

Starting with a GMP certified factory located in Singapore. All Skinlycious products go through an extensive production process that not all brands are able to undertake. Our water is purified via a multi-stage series of ultrafiltration with UV sterilisation. Our products are then synthesized in a clean environment, filling them in sterilized bottles to ensure the purity of our active ingredients and keeps potential contaminants like bacteria, moulds and fungus out of our bottles and off your face.

 Rigorous lab testing ensures proper preservative systems are in place and Skinlycious sunscreen’s SPF / UVA tests are conducted on humans according to USA/EU standards. Finally, a certified toxicologist certifies the safety of our products.

Clean Formulae

Every ingredient used in formulating our products has been tested to be safe & proven effective for the all types of acne. All our products follow the strictest EU guidelines on comprehensive testing; banning and restricting over 1,300 chemicals.

Acne fighters can be assured that our product have no essential oils, no parabens , no fragrance, no phthalates, no sulfates (SLS/SLES), and no formaldehydes. Essentially, no nasties.

Optimal Actives

Skinlycious prioritises optimal concentrations of active ingredients backed by scientific research in all our formulations; taking pH into account to enable the right conditions for actives to work effectively on your skin.

Lovely textures

No one likes a product that leaves a sticky or greasy residue after application. That is why Skinlycious product glides smoothly accross your skin, absorbs well and deliver their benefits towards a clearer skin.

Clear Skin Solutions

Our very own approach to clear skin care

Start with the half-face
test in Solution A

Do you know that only a few fixed ingredients can be used in skincare for fighting acne? Which is why we pioneered this method of testing, so you can stop the guessing and find out the right combination which works for you!

Go with Solution A

Starting with a calming face cleanse, together we’ll find out whether an acids based spot corrector or a vitamins-based spot corrector would work for you, while using a hydrating serum to hydrate and normalize sebum production. Solution A is based on the success of what cleared our founder’s 14 years of acne as well as another fellow acne fighter, who couldn’t use acids-based corrector. 

The road to a clearer skin requires patience and a clear path, at Skinlycious we’ve developed a simple, easy to follow and effective series of steps that will get you closer to being acne-free.

Go with Solution B

We discovered that not everybody can use exfoliants in Solution A and acne can be triggered by skin sensitivity. Solution B was born based on the success of one of our fellow acne fighters.

Complete Routines for All Ages, Genders & Types of Acne-Prone Skin

Products are thoughtfully and purposefully formulated such that the whole range complements one another giving different benefits to the skin. We understand how complicated building a skincare routine might be, especially for acne-prone skin, when an unsuitable product can easily lead to breakouts.

Hence, every product is formulated by and tested on acne-prone skin; with skincare routines simplified and broken down for you based on age group. Different age groups and different skin types (e.g, oily, dry, sensitive, combination) would require different products. As long as you have acne-prone skin, we are able to address your needs.

For Teens & Tweens

The most common age to get acne! Our whole range of products can tackle the usual problems, such as increased oiliness, pimples, bumps/whiteheads, blackheads, and even cystic acne. We also have more potent solutions for moderate to severe acne cases.

No worries,
we’ve got you covered.

Acne in your 20’s to 30s.

We understand you’re out there in the world doing your thing but clear skin still elludes you. Skinlycious has a range of products that is especially suited to young and mature adults. So you can hold your head up high every step of the way.

Get your confidence back
again with Skinlycious.

Acne in your 40’s and over

Surprised how at your age, your skin is still prone to acne? Or Maybe you just want more radiant skin, get rid of wrinkles and look younger? Skinlycious can do of all that so you don’t have to.

Look at your best,
feel your best.

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