Using Green Tea to Treat Acne? Here’s my Result and Scientific Take!

In my teenage days when I was struggling with acne, I tried different natural therapies to get rid of my acne and green tea was one of them.

Here’s what I did 

I tried drinking 2 cups of green tea a day, as well as using a cloth soaked in green tea to apply on my face. I even got my mother to put the boiled green tea leaves on top of the cloth in hope that more of the green tea essence would enter my skin. I did this diligently for a month. Those green tea I used were good grade tea leaves and not those tea bags we find in grocery stores.

My Results 

It did not work for me and my acne got worse. I do not think that green tea worsened my acne condition but rather it did not help in improving my acne condition, thus as my acne progressed, it got worse.

I love green tea and I truly believe that drinking green tea has positive health benefits. But to rely on this solely to clear acne would not be very realistic. If you do not know my story on how I struggled with acne and finally found a solution after 14 years, you can read more here.
Being a science geek with a biomedical background, I decided to analyse some scientific papers to provide more information about green tea. But first of all, let us understand why people actually suggest using green tea to treat acne. There’s a good scientific base behind it.

My Conclusion

Well, it didn’t work for me and based on the scientific evidence, it might help in reducing acne but not in getting rid of it totally. But there’s really no harm in drinking green tea anyway. It’s a healthy drink.

On hindsight,  I would have needed 3-6 cups of green tea instead of 2 cups to perhaps see some effect on my acne. Perhaps.

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